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Colorado Springs, CO


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Katcha's is a small hobby kennel that began in February 1986 with the purchase of our first AKC miniature schnauzer.  Our first litter was conceived in June 1991 after much study and consideration.  Our dogs are cherished family members that just happen to work for a living.  While we are no longer active in the conformation rings, we still train for performance events and will continue to compete on a limited basis.  Our dogs have been successful in earning titles in the show ring, obedience, rally, agility and earthdog.  We have also trained in tracking, been exposed to herding and have also tried lure coursing. 


Katcha's is very proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.  We were the first miniature schnauzer breeder to have multiple generations represented in the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).  Health has always been a top priority and all of our dogs are screened/tested as appropriate prior to breeding and as they age. 

Temperament is equally important and many of our dogs and ALL of our breeding dogs have passed the American Temperament Testing Society's Temperament Test (TT).


Summer and Marlee featured in a 2013 BrownTrout Calendar (Euro Edition)!

We are so proud of our "Calendar Girls" Summer on the left and Marlee on the right.  Photos by Barbara VonHoffman.  Also, Oscar, Marlee's black brother, is the April pinup in the Just Schnauzer Puppies 2013        

November 23, 2012: TK, CH MACH Katcha's Starta Commotion, RN MXS MJS ME EE CGC ATTS-TT AMSC-VAX, RMEDC "IRONDOG" completed the requirements for his Master Agility Championship on 11/23/2012. 

Born a singleton puppy on Labor Day, 9/4/2001, TK has had a fantastic career and was shown in the performance events by co-owners, Bob and Kristie.  TK completed his conformation championship (CH) in only 8 weekends earning 7 points (1 major) with me before finishing with a handler.  He then went on to compete in Earthdog where he became only the 5th Master Earthdog (ME) miniature schnauzer, the first Champion/Master Earthdog and 2 years later, the breed's 1st Endurance Earthdog (EE).  During his earthdog career,TK earned a leg in the tunnels on every run except 1.  We then had a free weekend in Jan 2008 so he went ahead and knocked out his Rally Novice (RN) title with Kristie, her first time ever in the ring. He started agility in May 2009 and was shown an average of 11 weekends a year. TK's final title count stands at 20 titles and 3 awards including the American Miniature Schnauzer Club's Versatility Award Excellent.  While still very much willing to compete, TK has been retired and now enjoys his sunny afternoons in a very plush doggy bed. He still attends training classes weekly to keep him fit.  That's a Very Good Boy, TK!

TK is our 2nd MACH titlest behind Scoop, MACH2 Katcha's Fast Breaking News MXC MJB2 XF CGC, owned, loved and trained by Susan Marshall of Denver.